Flip side

Two updates in one day shocker!

The last one was a little downcast, though, and I felt a need to pass on something awesome by way of balance. Here it is:

Perhaps you’re thinking “Huh? Who’s this guy?” or “What’s with the cake?”. You’ve been missing out if that’s the case. Jonathan Coulton (for that is the man’s name) is a computer programmer turned unlikely rock star (You scoff? He has a song in Rock Band. I’m having trouble thinking of a better benchmark), who’s become something of a geek standard thanks to the somewhat unlikely nature of his subject matter (one song has Pluto’s moon singing its condolences regarding its loss of planet status).

The song itself is the song over the closing credits of the game Portal, which is, quite frankly, an absolute fucking work of art. You probably know that I’m several different flavours of nerd and so JC’s* stuff appeals to me on a fairly base level , but I’m not a hardcore gamer. I have above average social skills, leave the house regularly and I prefer making love to playing computer games. There. I said it, and with a completely straight face. But that game is complete genius, through and through. I think Valve do amazing work in everything they do, and the fact they got JC* to write the song for the closing credits of one of their games makes me grin from ear to ear.

Check out some more of his stuff, it might make you smile. If you do and it does, leave a comment telling me about it, because that would make me smile**.

Update: His website is here http://www.jonathancoulton.com/ And you can buy (and download for free) all his music there.

That is all.

* No, not that JC

** At the risk of me smiling so widely that the top of my head falls off.


One thought on “Flip side

  1. well i liked that one tune, and not just because of the cake silliness at the end. And I am supposed to be working (at home! oh my!) and need some nice but not too distracting tunes to keep me company (Dougal is in the kitchen blending 16 cloves of garlic or something). But I don’t seem to be able to get onto his wobsite at the moment- database error. So I shall have to check it out later. sorry. l8r. do i seem cool and gamerish now?

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