A Wind Blows Through…

I need a tape measure.

It isn’t the first time I’ve thought this in the past couple of days, and I expect to think it at least a thousand times more in the foreseeable future. The problem in this instance is that I can’t tell by eye if the bed and the two cabinets will fit to the left of the bedroom window.

Crap. I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

A week or two ago, my flatmate Bruce told me that he and his girlfriend, my other flatmate, Sabrina were moving on a pastures anew. They wanted their own place, and so March would be their last month month in our current flat.


But no, after speaking to my very friendly landlord, I found out that I will not be tossed out on my proverbial arse, I will in fact be able to stay on for three further months, essentially at my current rent, and with the whole flat to myself.

Pretty cool.

So, of course, my thoughts naturally turn to important matters:

Where will I move all the furniture to?

Because, of course, you have to move the furniture around. That’s just what you do.

How will I implement the ideal centralised media and file distribution system?

This, too, is just something you have to do. If you’re a bit of a nerd, that is.

But what happens at the end of the three months I previously mentioned? Well… in a slightly terrifying display of domesticity, on my good lady’s return from working on her dissertation project down south, we pick up the lease of the flat.

It’s okay. She’s a bit of a nerd, too.


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