So things have been pretty quiet around here for a while. In fact, it probably seems like this blog is dead. To some extent, I regret to tell you, this is the case. I’ve decided I’ll no longer be blogging at harveynick.wordpress.com. That’s not to say that I will not be blogging at all, however.

WordPress has been very good to me. It’s an excellent platform, and wordpress.com is a fantastic host. I’ve been frustrated by its restrictions for some time now, though. I’ve wanted a little more control, and a little more opportunity to get my hands dirty (metaphorically speaking) in the real nitty gritty of how my blog works. WordPress itself does not prevent this, and for a while I looked into self hosted solutions. At the end of the day, I don’t really want to have to learn PHP, though.

In the end, a post by Matt Gemmell convinced me that a static blog generator might be a good idea. I looked into Octopress, his preferred solution, and decided it would probably work for me as well. In fact, it was more or less exactly what I was looking for.

…and thus I spent several months converting the entries from this blog, tweaking templates and playing with the source code. If I’m completely honest I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I think now is probably the time. You’ll find my new blog at harveynick.com. Currently it’s populated with all of the existing posts from this site, minus the short film reviews. The style is pretty close to what I want it to be, and seems to work pretty well with desktop browsers, but has a couple of issues on mobile.

If you read this blog, I hope you’ll continue to follow it in its new home. This site won’t be disappearing any time soon, and I have a plan to cross post the new entries here using ifttt.com, so please feel to follow by whichever means works best for you.

New entires will start appearing soon. I hope.


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