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Who Likes Short Shorts?

I think I love almost everything about this short film. That being the case, I’ll quit my chin wagging and just get on with showing it: Mucho kudos to Dan Trachtenburg, Danielle Rayne, and everyone else envolved. No get back to it. I want more! Advertisements

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There Can be Only… Several…

As I’ve previously mentioned, this project (Clockwork Aphid) has been bubbling away in the  bearded cauldron that is my head for quite some time. As a result, I have quite a bit I want to say about it. I want to blog about the process of building it because I think it might be a good exercise to go through, and […]

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WoW oh WoW

Sooner or later, most people go looking for a bit of escapism every once in a while. There’s definitely a spectrum of how far people like to escape. Some can’t stand anything which steps outside the bounds of the possible, others practically require spaceships and dragons to co-exist with emotionally retarded vampires. Likewise, some people […]


Street Fighter Tutu

So I like computer games. This isn’t news, really. Not in a hardcore live-to-game type way, more in a general fondness type way. That said, I did, as a youngster in an age before mobile phones, catch a bus to the next town so I could play a particular arcade game in what was (on […]


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Flip side

Two updates in one day shocker! The last one was a little downcast, though, and I felt a need to pass on something awesome by way of balance. Here it is: Perhaps you’re thinking “Huh? Who’s this guy?” or “What’s with the cake?”. You’ve been missing out if that’s the case. Jonathan Coulton (for that is the […]

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