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Who Likes Short Shorts?

I think I love almost everything about this short film. That being the case, I’ll quit my chin wagging and just get on with showing it: Mucho kudos to Dan Trachtenburg, Danielle Rayne, and everyone else envolved. No get back to it. I want more! Advertisements

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The Future

I’m not going to talk about this too much, really. Suffice to say: I think this is the future, in a very good way, and I’m very excited by the idea of it. PS I am addicted to the TED website. Addicted!

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But When?!

Coming soon is all well and good, but I want to know when God damn it! I loved (LOVED!) the last series of Doctor Who, and utterly adored the Christmas special. This is a first. Previous to Stephan Moffat taking over as show runner I enjoyed it sporadically (generally when the man Steve was the writer) and […]

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What, in your opinion, qualifies something as a good advert? Answers on postcard, or alternatively in the comments section below, if you find that easier. In the technical sense the main thing is surely that you actually end up buying the product in question. In terms of absolute results, I suspect that subtlety is probably […]

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