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Dogfood, Nom Nom Nom

Dog food, the common noun, is reasonably self explanatory (pro tip: it’s food for dogs). Dogfood the verb or dogfooding the verbal noun, though, might require a little bit of explanation. At the root of it is this: if you make dog food, you should feed it to your own dogs. There are essentially two […]

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Yes. That’s right. I did it. I used a sed expression as post title. I’ve been very quiet as of late, though in my defence I’ve been very busy for a few months. In the middle of that I had a potentially life changing decision to make, and then I was dealing with the ramifications […]

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Brave New Worlds

If you were writing a taxonomy of stories you might choose books as a good place to start. Flicking your way through the world’s libraries, time and the Dewey Decimal System would eventually bring you to the fantasy genre. There is a lot of fantasy writing out there, and you might choose to subdivide it […]

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Location Location Location

One of the few things I’ve missed since abandoning the good ship Windows PC for the Mac… er… Zeppelin (why not?) is magazines. I used to really enjoy reading the PC gaming and hardware mags. Oftentimes they were pitched at about the right level for me. I felt neither patronised nor confused. I’m afraid to say that […]

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I have a side project that I’ve chomping at the bit to go started on, and while I’ve been here I’ve worked up a couple of fairly good ideas for it. I can’t start work on it, though, because I only have my work computer with me, and a studiously avoid doing any side projects on personal work on, just to be on the safe side, intellectual property wise…

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That iPad thing

Originally, right after I got around the watching the keynote presentation which launched the iPad, I was going to write a blog post about how disappointed I was. I thought they’d screwed the pooch and I, for one, was seriously underwhelmed. Needless to say, I didn’t quite get around to writing it. Since then I’ve […]

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Call by the what now?

Some not work related computery bits and pieces have been percolating around my head for some time now. I think we should talk about them for a while. That is: I’ll talk. You listen. I’m probably going to write a couple of more techy blogs, all loosely interrelated. I am going somewhere with them, but I’m not entirely certain […]

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