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Relocation Relocation Relocation

As part of my pretty sweet relocation package from Google, I have the help of a “flat search consultant”. If you’ve ever watched Location Location Location or A Place in the Sun, you’ll more or less know what this is. If not: why not? I have a couple of friends in the Kingston area (and […]

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Spending to make…

While it’s a fairly common and reasonably accurate maxim that you have to spend money to make money, I find myself wondering if the same is true of energy. To reword and disentangle the metaphor: Can you save energy by using energy? Here’s a my train of thought: You have curtains in your house. It’s […]

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Objects of Desire

I haven’t blogged in some, so it seemed only natural that I should do the churlish thing and write about items I would like, but do not have, post Christmas. First of all is a pod based coffee maker. When walking through House of Fraiser pre Christmas my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend had cause to […]

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I’ve been traveling around for work for the vast majority of the last month, so generally speaking I’ve been anything but at a loose end. Evenings were full of work or spent with the colleagues / friends I was traveling with. But now I’m back and finding that I don’t know what to do with […]

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