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Musical Arithmetic

Okay, so here’s the formula: (A – B) + C = D And here are the variables: A = Evanescence. More specifically: the original line up (as far as most of the world is concerned). I like Evanescence quite a bit, but that’s about 74.2% Amy Lee’s voice. The girl has one hell of a […]

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Some things are too perfect for even me to not blog about them. A little while ago I posted a fantastic song called “Still Alive”, which was from the soundtrack to a computer game. Some time before that I talked about a Swedish singer called Lisa Miskovsky whom I quite like. Sometimes the universe gives you […]


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Flip side

Two updates in one day shocker! The last one was a little downcast, though, and I felt a need to pass on something awesome by way of balance. Here it is: Perhaps you’re thinking “Huh? Who’s this guy?” or “What’s with the cake?”. You’ve been missing out if that’s the case. Jonathan Coulton (for that is the […]

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